Cahuita, Costa Rica

This past weekend, a hand full of us took a trip to the beautiful beaches of Cahuita, Costa Rica. Cahuita is known for its amazing Caribbean atmosphere and the beaches. More importantly, I saw coral reefs, went snorkeling for the first time, and also saw and PET my very first sloth! In Cahuita is one of the only sloth sanctuaries in the world. Years ago, the current owners of the Sloth Sanctuary housed many creatures like bats, birds, reptiles, and other mammals. One day someone brought them an injured sloth, which they later named “Buttercup.” They rehabilitated Buttercup, and while they were doing so, another injured sloth was brought to them. Although Buttercup was unable to be released back into the wild, they decided to keep her as she became a part of the family. The family then dedicated all of their efforts to the rehabilitation of sloths to be released back into the environment; however, sometimes the sloths are too badly injured. These sloths are forever saved and live out the rest of their lives at the sanctuary. The family has now had Buttercup for 20 years, and they now house hundreds of sloths being raised, rehabilitated, and re-entered into the wild! 🙂


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