School + Exams = Freaked Out Jessica.

Hey there!

    So it’s been a little while because I have been spending some time royally freaking out. I took my first exams last week, one in International Relations and one in my Spanish class. For my international relations class, I was terrified. Really the only thing that is required in that class is for the students to read a bunch of readings every week, and then the teacher semi-reviews/throws his two cents in during class.

Sidenote: My professor, I am determined, hates the United States. He says he studied in Miami for a little while learning about International Relations, but he spends half of our class period, every class, telling absurd stories about the US that are completely false. For example, one day we were talking about our military forces, and this man proceeded to tell my entire class about how the U.S. Army could walk into a U.S. city and basically murder every one for no reason just because they were the U.S. Army. I was flabbergasted. I just sat there with my mouth open for half an hour listening to the absurdities that he was telling everyone, and they were all buying it. I think after a while, everyone could tell I was getting mad because they all started to look at me and ask if I was okay. <– This man is a prime example of why people dislike the United States.

       As you can see, most of the time in class I spend trying to ignore him so I’m not offended and forced to walk out of the class. However, we do cover a lot of topics in the readings, and our exam was over 6 chapters. The class before the test I was expecting some type of review, or a hint as to what was going to be on the test, but the only thing he said was “okay, look over all of the material and I’ll see you next week.” (<– translation of course). So after class, I got up, introduced myself (you can imagine the shocked look on his face after I told him I was from the states. Jerk.), and asked him for an example of what one of the questions on the exam would be. He answered kindly. However, the next week when I arrived to take the exam, expecting there to be an excerpt of a paragraph, like he told me, with a response question following, there was NOTHING even close to that. There were five questions with five questions within each one, and I had to answer three.

      Needless to say, let’s hope he takes it easy on me. I referenced occurrences in the United States such as September 11th and what not to back up my responses; what’s he going to do? Tell me I’m wrong? I live there!

     My Spanish test was not nearly as hard, but once again, expecting some type of review, my professor cancelled our class before the test but didn’t move the exam back. I, once again, continued to freak out but I felt pretty comfortable taking that one. So we’ll see how my grades come out!

   On another note, IFSA just planned two HUGE upcoming volunteer trips. One to Isla Venado at the end of this month where we will be helping out an extremely poor island with basically whatever they need. I love these trips because we spend most of our time playing with the kids, and they treat us like Gods. 🙂 I spend an hour of our last volunteer trips listening to the kids say, “How do you say [insert word here] in English!?!” It was precious, and sometimes the kids teach you more than any adult ever could. They’re not worried about everything else going on in life (money, work, etc.), they’re just kids, trying to enjoy what life they have.

The next trip is at the end of August where we will be doing sea turtle rescue missions!! I am so excited for this one. My program director told me we will get to see turtles the size of.. well, a table in 1828/Ames for example. We will be spending all night, dressed in black, walking the shore line looking for turtle eggs. After we find some we have to move them to the rescue facility because they have a problem with poachers here who try to steal the eggs and sell them.

That’s all the excitement I have for now! If anyone has any questions, or anything I’m not including in my blog that you would like to know about, LEAVE A COMMENT! I’ll get back to you a.s.a.p. or write my next entry on whatever you want!

Pura Vida


2 thoughts on “School + Exams = Freaked Out Jessica.

  1. Your stories are so funny! I love the story about your professor. In reality, it’s pretty awesome that you get to witness that kind of thing. Guess you must be really good at hiding the giant American ego we all carry around in our American flag backpacks. 🙂 Good for you for having a true immersion experience, so much so that your professor doesn’t even notice! I can’t wait to hear about the turtles!!!

  2. I just wanted to say that I loved reading this! It sounds so interesting to hear all of your experiences so far, especially in class scenarios. I can’t imagine what that would be like dealing with a teacher like that and then have no other kids to vent about teachers like we American college students do constantly. Kudos to you for having the type of personality that can handle situations like that so well! And on top of that be away from your family and friends would be tough. I am not someone who can do it, I envy your strength and persistance! Good luck in your classes! You can do it! Thank you for sharing your experience. I will be sure to keep up with reading about your interesting journey in Costa Rica.

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