Almost half way through…

Bienvenidos a Ustedes que no han visto mi “blog” 🙂

     For those that don’t know, I have been in Costa Rica now since July 8th, and I am leaving on November 24th. Knowing this that means I have been here for, give or take, about 65ish days. That’s almost half way! Crazy to think about how much I have done, seen, and accomplished already since I’ve been here. Now looking at the number it doesn’t seem like that long, but sometimes it feels as so. I have already climbed mountains, seen volcanoes, hiked through forests, gone ziplining, rappelled down waterfalls, met new people, gone white water rafting, swam in the current of a river, seen some animals I have never even heard of, touched some things I really did not want to touch (et. tarantula skin), read so many books in spanish that the thought of finals is slightly terrifying, and have been living with a family that I had never met before I came here. Had you told me two years ago that I would have done all of these things in such a short amount of time, I would have bought you a one way ticket to the loony bin. Writing it all down right now is a little daunting to myself, but very cool to think about. What I am even more excited about is all I have yet to do.

     There are many students thinking about travelling to other countries while they are here, which I would love to do, but it might be a little difficult seeing as how I only have three days off every weekend and it takes a while to travel everywhere due to the mountainous terrain. No joke. If Costa Rica was flat it would only take about 4 hours to get from one side to the other, but because the land looks like a horizontal zigzag, it takes twice as long to get anywhere. I have taken some trips though now to both sides of the country. Put my feet in the Caribbean for the first time last weekend. It was beautiful. It’s amazing how much of a difference there is in the water from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Everything was so clear! No matter how deep we went, we could still see our feet through the water. I loved the atmosphere of the Atlantic as well. Everything was all very… Jamaican. We met people from all over the world at the hostel we stayed at (it was called Rocking J’s, a famous hostel in Puerto Viejo). There were people from Germany, Italia, Romania, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Africa… it was awesome. I did NOT want to leave. In fact, I think we are going back very soon. There are supposed to be some very beautiful coral reefs that we did not have a chance to see in the short time we were there; so definitely next time!

    This weekend we have a scheduled weekend trip with our IFSA Butler group. We will be going to a place called Talamanca. There, we will be doing some cool things like taking a tour of chocolate and coffee factories. For those of you that know me, know that I do not like chocolate or coffee, haha, but I’m sure seeing how things are made here in comparison to the states will be cool! Also, we will be hiking and doing some type of river tour, which I am ALWAYS excited about. However, Friday night we are taking a tour of a bat sanctuary. Yes. Bats.

Hey fun fact: Half of the mammal species’ in Costa Rica are BATS which is about 125 species…. I know. No one shared this with me before I got here. I came for the monkeys and sloths. NOT for the bats. Gross. Also, of the 250 mammal species in Costa Rica, 75 of them are rats. Even more ew! Luckily, I have not seen any of them.. (knock on wood). Phew!

   So, we will be taking this little trip to play with some different types of bats. I have mixed feelings about this whole situation, but once again..


    Maybe they will be like little baby kittens or something… Okay, I’m rambling, but one can only hope. I will see if I can attach our schedule for the weekend so you guys can see the pictures. IFSA sends us bulletins every month, of course they’re in Spanish so you may have to Google translate some of it if you want to know what it says. Welcome to my life 🙂

Until next time my friends.

Pura Vida 🙂


2 thoughts on “Almost half way through…

  1. Jess, it sounds like you are having one hell of a life experience! This is so awesome for me to read about I can’t imagine what it must be like to be actually living it! Your blog makes me feel like I have experienced the same things…it makes me laugh, smile, throw my hand over my open mouth or heart n complete and utter disbelief ( rats, bats, ziplining, swimming in rivers, white water rafting!!) I mean COME ON YOUR KILLIN ME! I am just so impressed by all that you are doing and acomplishing its just amazing to read about. I have to admit reading and looking at p pictures does make me a little jealous of all the awesomeness you’re getting to experience 🙂 the stories and memories you will forever have are mindblowing. I can’t wait to hear of your next adventure….soak it all in, every gross, wonderful, hot, humid, beautiful, weird, educational part of this because its something that you will just never ever ever ever forget you are experiencing something some/most people can only dream of! Looking forward to hearing from you soon Jess, love you!!!!

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