Small Thoughts…

   Theres a few more random things I have noticed.

When you greet someone, usually they’ll say the usual, Hi my name is “So and so,” nice to meet you. But sometimes they say “Pura Vida” literally translated to Pure Life, which is their country phrase or logo, if one could call it that. However, they say it in place of almost everything!

Hey, how are you? –> Pura Vida

Yes, please. –> Pura Vida

You’re welcome. –> Pura Vida

[Answering the telephone] –> Pura Vida

We’ll have one more. –> Pura Vida

    It’s kind of like one of “us” walking up to another person from the states and saying “Hey! What’s up!? Land of the free!”
Seriously? How weird would that be.

“What are you doing tonight?” –> Land of the free

“Sure, no problem!” –> Land of the free

“I’m so excited!” –> Land of the free

    I don’t think so. That doesn’t have quite the same flow as Pura Vida, but I’m catching myself saying it too! It’s crazy the things you pick up in such a short amount of time!

Okay, that’s all for my random thoughts for the day.

I’m going to the beach this weekend on the Caribbean side so I should have some good photos to share next time!

Hasta.. eh ehm! I mean… 

Pura Vida 🙂


3 thoughts on “Small Thoughts…

  1. I caught up on your latest posts and I wanted to know…. how do you feel about your classes now? I know you felt a little scared at first. Are you totally confident now? Also are you finally dreaming and thinking in Spanish?
    ¡Pura vida! Un abrazo fuerte y cuídate.

    • My classes are fine now! Actually, the university classes are slightly boring to be honest, apart from one of them. I’ve always sort of been the type to teach myself more by reading outside of the classroom though, but here all the teachers do is lecture for three hours every single class. Unless we’re doing a group project there are no discussions, no worksheets, no nothing; just listening and taking notes. My psicology class is the only class I have were we have class discussions My spanish class here however, is extremely helpful. It’s not apart of the regular university classes; my spanish class is only offered to the students of our study abroad program, and I love that.We take trips to see more cultural aspects of Costa Rica, and the majority of my teachers focus is grammar.

      I’m not dreaming in Spanish I think because I talk to someone from the states (parents, friends, boyfriend)every night before I go to bed, so my brain switches back to English every night, But my entire day consists of all Spanish all the time, so I know I’m learning some things!

      I think one thing that I can offer as advice for your classes, if I may do so, is sort of making the students learn how to find a way to describe definitions of words more. For example, in class in the states we would always say, “Como se dice.. (word in english)?” and someone would answer. But I can’t do that here because NO ONE knows any English, so that was extremely hard for me because I didn’t know how nor was I used to having to describe words like that. Now, if I wanted to know the word for say.. apple, I would have to say, “Como se dice la palabra para la fruta roja que cultiva en arboles… blah blah” instead of “como se dice apple?”

      That’s just something I’ve been thinking of lately, but I hope the new school year is going well! Tell everyone I said hi and that I miss them!! 🙂
      Pura Vida

  2. Not only is this a good suggestion, I think we can make this into an awesome game in the classroom! One student describes it and the others try to guess what word it is. It would be great for a conversation course especially. Thanks for sharing this with me!

    Sorry, to hear that your courses are not in the ideal format. I can say that it is the same in France and in Spain for what I know. Yo también estudié en los Estados Unidos y en España, y es verdad que prefiero el estilo de acá. Los alumnos aprenden mejor cuando están involucrados en el proceso de aprendizaje. No queda ninguna duda.
    Bueno, así es vivir en otro país. Hay cosas que alegren o otras que no. Pero todo esto te permite desarrollar otras perspectivas sobre tu propio mundo/propia vida y abrir tu mente. Y eso es lo que estás haciendo. ¡Que lo disfrutes! Abrazos y cuídate. Gracias por tu mensaje.

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