Getting used to this….

Buenos Chicos!

Where to begin… Let’s start with school. I think I’m finally getting a handle on my classes. Finally went to all 5 different copy places around town and paid for my copies of my text books. I believe it cost me a total of $30 ish.. Yes. Be jealous. I also got lucky because one of my professors speaks English in my International Relations class so one of his supplemental textbooks is in English… SCORE. I know I’m here to learn Spanish, but it really helps to read some things in English to make sure I am understanding everything correctly. Also, with only having my classes once a week, I was having a hard time managing my time with my homework. I have figured out that if I do some type of homework for at least one of my classes everyday, I should be able to get everything done within the week I have for the next class. It’s like putting my homework for my Monday class on the top of the pile, and Thursday homework goes on the bottom.

Now for the fun stuff. I have taken two trips since we’ve last talked. Last weekend we spent two days at Playa Jaco! It was so beautiful. It is supposed to be one of the most touristy beaches here in Costa Rica, but since it’s not considered summer here, there weren’t too many people anywhere. We stayed in a hotel with 4-5 people to a room, and it cost about $16 US per person. Not too shabby! We were a couple blocks away from the beach, and we could see it from our balconies, so that was pretty cool. Once we got to the water, I was so excited. It was the first time I had actually seen waves big enough for people to surf on, and they were! So many people were surfing. I wish I knew how. But after being in the water for thirty minutes wrestling with the waves and the current, I give credit to anyone who can actually surf, because that has got to be difficult and tiring. At night on the beach front, we enjoyed the night life. We finally found a club that played hip hop music. Every where else plays salsa, reggae, reggae-tone, and a little bit of music from the states, but here it felt like home. It was an awesome weekend.

Today we went to Poas Volcano. It is one of two volcanoes in Costa Rica that you can actually look down into. We got on a bus for a few hours, climbed up the trails, and at the top of the trail you look down over the railings and can see directly into the volcano. It’s not exactly how I expected it to look (with molten ash flowing everywhere), but the volcano is filled with hot, steaming water and underneath the surface, we learned, is where are the good stuff is. We also walked to a lagoon surrounding the volcano which was beautiful. I shall post pictures for all to enjoy!

I think I’m finally getting used to life in this beautiful country!

Until next time! Hasta el proximo!


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