Hey Everyone!

     Flights are finally booked! I’m all ready to start my journey abroad. For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Jessica Spires. I am senior(+) at McKendree University. I double majored in Sociology with a Criminal Justice Emphasis and Spanish. I am going to be studying abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica at La Universidad Nacional from July 8th until November 24th to finish the requirements of my Spanish degree.

    Deciding to study abroad was probably one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Sure, I am scared, nervous, but I am also so excited to see what is ahead of me. Knowing that I get to meet so many new people, from new cultures, with different experiences is liberating! I have already gotten a little taste of what Costa Rica is going to be like because a few of my classmates travelled there on the Spring break study abroad trip. They’ve told me a little bit of what to expect, for example, Costa Rica isn’t such a hustle and bustle kind of place like here in the states. I have already witnessed this myself a little bit. I leave in 24 days from now and still have NO IDEA what kind of host family I am going to be living with. But that’s just all part of the experience.

    I have previously taken a quick study abroad trip with some Criminal Justice majors along with Dr. Quisenberry. We took a 10 day tour of London and Paris. Even with such a short trip, getting to see all of the structures and learn the history of another place makes you appreciate your own culture so much more.

   Well, anyways… That’s a little about me and my past experiences, but the future and the doors that this study abroad opportunity is going to open for me is what I am really excited about.

                                                                             Hasta Luego!



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